The Langlais Group’s foundation began in 1993....
The new agency flourished as more lines and more staff were added. One of the original lines was Kichler Lighting, which we are happy to say, remains as part of our lighting package today. We also have been representing Juno Lighting and Cree LED Lighting virtually since their inception, when they only had a handful of products. In fact we were the first reps hired by Cree LED Lighting.


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Closed Windows and Indoor Air Quality

With autumn on our doorsteps we will be soon closing the windows to keep us from the cold air and proper ventilation. On average, people in the New England States spend much of their fall and winter time indoors. This means that the atmosphere inside our homes makes...

Kichler Landscape Lighting Introduces VLO.

Announcing the VLO 12v LED Landscape Accent Light by KICHLER. Available October 2017 Kichler is once again rewriting the rules for integrated LED flexibility and reliability with the new 12V LED Accent Light with Variable Lumen Output (VLO). VLO technology allows you...

The Langlais Group Is Passionate About Projects:

When it comes to cutting edge lighting design, The Langlais Group is considered the most highly sought after project partner. A trusted resource that utilizes the latest in cutting edge LED technology for their lighting and illumination designs. Their project portfolio ranges in scope from commercial interiors, retail environments, to site and roadway lighting.


LED Retro-Fit James Hillhouse High School – Field House New Haven CT:

Designing a Challenging LED Retrofit That Saves Money and Has Better Field Illumination Project: The goal for the Langlais Group was to provide the proper brightness and reduce the electrical power being consumed. The design of this massive building combined with the requirement for on the “field lighting” was a challenge that designer Emily Gorecki invested in head on. Utilizing our AGi32 system. The result was an evenly lit field and a reduction in energy usage while exceeded the client’s expectations on all counts.

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